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Im in the transition of abadoning a 23,000 career choice to persue¬†my love of education of teaching. The industry i had been in before “hair” and im coming back from an amazing spiritual trip. I will report as soon as I can catch my breath ūüôā


i love you Mother Earth




CBO: Taxes Will ‚ÄėShoot Up by More Than 30 Percent‚Äô Over Next 2 Years | CNSnews.com.




take 1 hr 15 minutes


its only 75 minutes of your time, of your background time, or time to absorb some insight about things the people in control DO NOT want.

<a href=”http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/DMT_The_Spirit_Molecule/70209261?trkid=2361637″&gt; Netflix Instant: DMT- The Spirit Molecule</a>


Spirituality, Free Thinking, Native Religion, Unity, Insight, Your Purpose, Love, Eternal Connections, No Fear, The Understanding of your life evolution, The meaning of your subconcious, To know you can fight for whats right and it is going to be glorified, the list of things this documentary can touch with one is mind blowing.

…and for me in came with synchronicity. As I notice everyday someone different¬†is turning to me, or I reach someone, for/with¬†small seeds of instinctal truth¬†is a sign, that we are uniting in glory and becoming aware of the light.


It amazing a girl, the fiancee of my stepmother son, had posted a picture of a fantasy with a caption talking about how she whats to know what dreams are about and what they mean, why we have them and even a little recipe she found herself to mix 1 tsp nutmeg to 1 tsp sugar and take before bed to enhance dreams… I had planted some spirituality in a comment and we got to chatting. I was telling her how I believe in things that come from the Mother Earth and how I feel the soul evolves vaguely- for I dont think I can ever put in terms comprehendable to how I feel. Shortly after, D gets home from work and we decided to put something on the tv. We use Netflix and hang out in mostly tv series, and documentaries; he opens the newly added tab in documentaries and there the link above was the first thing list.


Im excited to say Joe Rogan is the host, quite seriously professional as he has insight and I actually enjoy his views. Alex Grey appears as I seen him and his life partners’ temple and cosmo amazements not too long ago and recently veiwed some LSD with his work ūüôā I felt it is reputable and it touches so much more than just DMT. It actually touches things I have felt and recognized, and saw flaw with my childhood naieveness. Its opened my eyes evenmore to what I can already feel and I feel even more liberated.


Of course, everyone has a different feel and effect with things. It just happens to line with my spirituality although I have some parts I can disagree with…


Knowledge is liberation. Embrace it!

With Light all is possible





Netflix: DMT: The Spirit Molecule.



Life is your light. Your light is your soul. Your soul is your energy- as we are beings of light. But, as we are faced with many decisions throughout our evolution, even knowing that the enlightened soul will never die; there is duality engraved in us.

As you have light, everyone has dark. This is not to be perceived that the nature of beinghood is to encompass the dark- everyone true to Mother Earth has the intentional nature of the light.

Focus on your light. Create a Mantra. Focus on your Mantra truly and it will shape your future and your evolution. Personally, I don’t¬†share my Mantra although it hides itself in plain sight ūüôā

Here is some insight of the dark, or the Dark Priesthood. First of all, when the vatican of the Dark priesthood decided to take the reins¬†and control Gaia/ Mother Natures energy, along with that came the burning of all native religions to Mother Earth-¬†the true spiritual religions. So first they burn all the sacred knowledge of the true nature to our purpose as the enlightened souls during our Earthly times, then came the amazing birth of Jesus. I don’t¬†want to step on toes and exclude Jesus from a possibility of being a Prophet but ultimately Prophets of Light are an Enemy to the priesthood so of course they could just be using him as a symbol along with a cross. Each Major sanction of the world has their own vatican source that will never release any useful information to their so-called¬†people because their purpose is not our benefit; THEY DO NOT BELONG HERE. The people involved in this are part of why our history will repeat itself and the light will overcome the dark. Whether this is true to “the great flood” or the sea swallow the sky, or the passing thru Ra to the next dimension we don’t¬†know because they will never tells us, but we can feel it. Our collective souls have chosen¬†to be here during these great times, because we shine bright and are strong enough to overcome the battle and we know is for a greater purpose and step in our evolution.

ANYWAYS, ultimately¬†long story kind of shortened… The Vatican has harnessed our free energy (Tesla shutdown: of course we shouldnt know energy is free to those who know how to utilize it as we are created to). Think about it, it’s really¬†mind over matter, we are light/energy in a bodily temple if you can utilize the power and keep the true spirituality of humans to yourself, you can ultimately¬†dismantle and rule the world. Which then leads to the CONTROL of social media, evolution of shit religions, creation of socialism (they need to know everything we are doing especially when they know the revolt is coming), enslaving laws & regulations, the robbing of paul to give to jim, the imprisonment¬†of people using substances apparent in nature to find spirituality within themselves and then taking our money to pay for it? so then we worry how to put food on our tables? NOT TO MENTION the fabrication of shit food in combinations of chemicals and harmful metals to taint our bodies, crystallizing¬†our throat chakra¬†stunting our evolution to the opening of the Third Eye, or the final chakra of enlightenment.

When someone can give me the real reason why there is fluoride¬†in our water, or better yet small dosages of ANTIDEPRESSANTS in the poor souls’ of New York’s public water system, I may then consider they aren’t¬†completely killing the human spirit.

I’m¬†sorry I’m not the best writer, but I want the best for our humankind and more and more are awakening everyday, it’s a¬†glorious thing ūüôā united we will become as we are called to duty.

Remember pretty much any and everything placed in the “media” is there for a dark purpose, a deterring from the real issues. Break the bonds, become a free-thinker/spirit.

im open to ANY discussion because im short on time and feel like I cant convey my message in entirety.

remember, knowledge is liberation

“The” Spiritual Journey


There is where it could get messy between you and me, but this is a side story of ‘why’ in partial, I’m here. I just want to say, these “spiritual journey” reports are not going to be very often but tie into the very fabric of my being and my beliefs on what is really going on with the Secret Governments and the Government.

At one point of my 21st year, I was an avid marijuana smoker; however since I was 17- I have been smoking marijuana. Texas is not a legal state, but they are slowly decriminalizing it (in a sense). Marijuana has helped me, more particularly speaking of being 21, with anxiety. In comparison to the Cymbalta which then changed to Prozac, I would much rather smoke a joint anyday.My 21st year had some down period so to speak because I have gotten out of that ridiculous marriage only 3 months before I hit my legal birthday, I’m 5’8″ and at one point, I weighed 114 lbs. and could not understand why my mother was so concerned. My parents, mom and stepdad, that I grew up with were very educating in marijuana- my stepdad more particularly as it had been a habit of his younger years. It was frowned upon but they did not condemn it. My mother kind of grew up in the real-time of fear-mongering in the late 70’s and 80’s and I honestly can’t tell you she has ever even tried it just relies on the commercial of your brain becoming a fried egg. I don’t believe that, I don’t believe you can cluster all the people who have smoked in the category of ‘idiots’, I personally feel like I excel at certain things more so than without it. This really has nothing to do with my current journey.

I have educated myself on everything I have contemplated trying and up until December, I had only really been exposed to marijuana and every once in a while I would take a quarter of a Xanax to calm myself down, if needed.

D can get anything imaginable and he has these two friends, a couple, that were making some weird request and I’m wondering like ‘what the hell are they up to?’ Come to find out, they are doing what is referred to as a ‘spiritual journey’ for their relationship. D and I started discussing it and decided that if it is done right and we are educated and fully aware of what we are putting into our bodies it could be beneficial to us, growing together. So I hit the books, and the web :).

I never felt impulses as a teenage or young adult to do anything out of my normal because I just never saw the point, I didn’t want to be a burn out like I have witnessed even with my own younger brother. I don’t want any addictions, and honestly I didn’t know anything about any substances aside from what the provocateurs of D.A.R.E. thought me in my 5th grade education (AND that is another subject totally with me).

So I want to mark my first spiritual happening. The first petal to the bloom was “molly”. It was Christmas eve night, it was actually a rough christmas for us because we closed on our house about a week and a half prior to, and we were beating ourselves up moving out of his moms house- where we had been staying until we found our home. I was in a questionably bad mood because our original plans were to stay with his mother (who is the only child left in her family besides her son) and we ended up coming home early to enjoy our first christmas at our home and for my babygirl, J, to enjoy her christmas waking up from her own, new room. We got home and the plan was to put together all the “Santa” stuff, but D fell asleep at about 10:30 and I thought I was left to do everything by myself. After I got one thing put together which took about til midnight, I decided his ass was waking up. He calmed me down after his apologies for semi-bailing on me, but I understood he was tired- so was I and we went about enjoying our Christmas.

He brought out a strip of pure, powder form about 15 minutes after and we discussed again the up’s and down’s and there he was measuring out my capsule. Euphoria hit me about 15 minutes later. We have decided I have a fast metabolism:)

Never in my life, had I opened up so much to one person, to let someone completely in. I jabbered all night and he did too making me feel so much better about things that have happened in my life. Things I have been through and witnessed throughout my childhood and teenage years- just to talk about and get off my chest. It amazing, feeling like you have complete trust in someone enough to unbear all the burdens you can carry and the effects those burdens have that you may be completely unaware of. It was one of the best 8 hours in my life. I can’t even put into words, the verbal levels we then connected on.

I understand why the government can not allow a ‘drug’ like that into circulation, as all UN nations have the agreement of it being illegal. It unites people. It frees your mental chains. It allows you to open up and think beyond. The sad thing about is, I know as a result of this the kids nowadays are getting this horrible stuff that is supposed to be the same cut with all sorts of other dangerous chemicals and are doing this without making themselves aware of the in’s and out’s, using it as a rebellion or to reach out. I have seen my brother overdose on the same ‘supposed’ stuff in combination with alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and xanax- NOT educated, just partying and doing it because his friends are. The governments KNOW this is the result, they want THAT result. I believe it would be much more constructive to make the chemical available at a ready age and discipline the crime that may follow, not the act. I would have never thought ‘oh let me leave my home, and go mess some shit up’, I wanted to talk to all my friends and let them know how I really feel about our friendships and give the most sincere thank you’s I could, had it not been 3 AM, LOL.

So from then we did it again on New Years, which was sooner than we should have and since I have tried it’s sister chemical, MDAI. It was a small first stepping stone for us, but a step nonetheless.

If you have ever contemplated doing anything, get the facts, the REAL facts, not the “this is your brain on pot” commercial input. I recommend to all my real couple friends to consider a spiritual journey together which can involve whatever you want it to involve. It unites the soul on many different levels of consciousness and it can be amazing and relieving, or for some who knows you may realize there is no spiritual connection.

I will have another spiritual journey report posting next week from our most recent indulgence, if you have no concern for it, disregard anything titled “the” spiritual journey.

Anyways friends, I have some housework and errands to tend to as I reminisce with the essential Nirvana- lyrical and spiritual ideal, you are missed even though your soul lives on.

Remember, Kknowledge is Liberation.
-L ‚̧

When it rains, it pours with HAARP


1/25/2012 — TORNADOES AGAIN ! Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri = moving North East – YouTube.


Good Morning friends ūüôā Hope all is well. This morning I woke up to some pretty dreary weather here in Katy, and of course I get on my computer to have my D sending me this youtube video- which this time being here I want to share.

This is something we have been watching for a while now, I have read online material and published literature embellishing the subject of HAARP. If this rings a bell, you may not need to know any further; However this is my insight.

First of all, What is HAARP? High Frequency Active Auroral Research program, HAARP is a secret program that seems as if mainly UN nations are involved in for the manipulation of our weather patterns based out of Alaska. The planes that fly over and over again leaving these long chemtrails, NOT contrails, of ions sometimes in extensive patterns or crisscrossing- are the main communicating factor.

HAARP trails

So this is the idea, most all of us have seen them. In this picture the trails are dissapating, where the chemical distributes and spreads itself out eventually so thin it lingers and then falls to our Earth. It is said that these trails carry high levels of Barium, Lead, and smaller amounts of arescenic, silver, selenium, cadium, ect. We know the effects of lead from our history classes, and some of these chemicals are hard to find even in Mother Nature.

So lets get down to the knitty gritty on this, Our Earth is a subterrianal Earth made of Energy. These ions emitted by the trails communicate with each other as a big fabricated blanket of man made energy and communicate with the base in Alaska. It is respondsibile for these odddities in our weather throughtout the globe. I dont know know the reason, for only the New World Order knows what they are up to. But here are some things to think about….

If the Mayan Deadline is correct which states the Earth (Gaia) is preparing herself for another cleansing as the Dark Priesthood has taken her people and enslaved them much like the last children of Atlantis, it could be they know what is going to happen and are in the procress of creating the own energy grid in hope of ‘overriding’ Mother Nature. Stopping the passing through Ra (our sun) and converting Earth into her 4th dimensional realm.

If the New World Order is in fact, creating the perfect unified global government and know that Earth is overpopulated as it is written in plain sight on monuments like the Georgia Guildstones, some say it could be used as a mass biological effect on the populations as much think they are already doing- why LEAD?

Some say it is to taint our soils to support GMO’s, and that they already have people able to grow modified crops in this soil that forces us to buy, buy, buy, no matter what because we wouldnt be able to cultivate our own food.

There are SOO many theories, so maybe this will be your jump into doing your own research and starting your own theories. There is definately something bigger going on, I can feel it, I talk to others that can feel it as we should be able to being part of the greatest beinghood enslaved and raped of our powers, some of them still lingering in us.

There are a few guys on youtube taking these HAARP rings and actually predicting the weather to come and I personally have never seen them be wrong so if you are interested I can send their link.

Whatever is going on, the weather here sucks. It’s January and it feels like April already in my part of Texas and its not natural. In my whole life of being here and being born in January- this is definately not normal.

I feel like our Elite are very aware of Gaia’s energy and the passing to come and they want to stop it at all cost, so we wont break free from the chains of society they have created by using our own powers against us. We are greater than the dark, the light will overcome the dark when we are awakened as more and more are becoming aware everyday of the evil ruling our world. We are beings of harmony eventhough duality is engraved in us, as we have light- there is the dark and as natural beings we would turn to our light without the “media” controlling us and making whats wrong seem right.

Just remember, we chose to be here in these Great Times, and great they will be, for our purpose will be honored.
And with love I depart, maybe i will return later with another rant ūüôā


Remember, Knowledge is Liberation.

lets start…


I want to start with an “about me”.

First of all I live in Texas, dont let that put an ideal on who I am. Texas is a misinterpreted state by many who have not been here. It is, imo, a place of diversity as Houston grows and its beautful to see the harmony of everybody getting along. We are not a billboard for companies, most of us love Mother Nature, and we do the best we can to take care of our education system,¬†in adjunction to¬†possibly being¬†the “energy and gas” capitol of our nation.

I am quite young, 23- born on January 31. I have been through the pain of marriage and divorce when I misunderstood the true meaning of it and have the outcome of a gorgeous 4 year old girl. I was in academic honors classes throughout my educational and graduated in my Junior year of school. I backed out of an awesome opportunity at Mary-Hardin Baylor with a major in Psychology adn minor in Education to become a mother, which created a rock for my life. Do I sometimes think of how it would have been, of course, but life took me down the path is has for a greater purpose.

I ended up going to the prestige of Cosmetology schools- Aveda, after I broke through the chains of an oppressed marriage and I completed the program with ease, as the art of hair has always came natural and is rewarding when you can make people feel better about who they are. Its sad to say the school cost me alittle over 23,000 and the industry is quite possibly one of the worst industries out there. I am still a stylist but finding its not pure at heart, most of the salons and other hairdressers are just finding ways to take more money and corrupt more of the population by giving in to opinions. With that being said, I want to do hair on my own terms with other pure people, my friends, however is this economy its virtually impossible to enjoy life unless you are enslaved for the 40 hours a week. I worked at a top salon in Houston named Azur for almost half a year, and had to leave as the travels and broken promises by the job were too much for me to handle as it gobbled my entire life and left nothing for my family- It depressed me?- but it was my dream job. I moved to a Katy salon and found the once again I was being taken by a ride- art is not art anymore, so currently I am hoping by working part time a the salon in Lifetime Fitness I may find people concerned for others as I am. We shall see. Overall I do believe I will be entering childcare again, as I have 2 years experience in and MISS it so bad, and do my art on my own terms.

After my marriage, I dated, I had a boyfriend of 11 months¬†that leveled me out and went through very hard times with me to get me back on track and is still a best friend as he was before our ‘relationship’. I thank my God everyday for placing the people in my life that He has, for without them I do not know where I would be. After we broke up, on very good, genuine terms, I decided I wanted to discover myself. In that process, I met the love of my life and I knew¬†that from the second I met him- as it was totally unexpected. It has been a confirmation that my original marriage at age 20 was a haox, I had been with that guy for 4 years and never really felt a spritual connection, and felt like my knowledge of marriage was really that I had no knowledge at all of it. I felt a spritual connection with my current boyfriend (lets call him D) from our first moments of meeting and nevertheless its was overwhelming and somewhat scary with everything I had been through. As for D, he was much different than I in his behaviors so it took alot of adjusting and testing? on my part to ensure I could hand my heart over again. It was tough, he is an only child with his mother and I come from a big dramatic, broken family so I feel like I have always looked for relationships as something I clinge to for assurance for love even if it wasn’t real, but I had to change that. I treaded very lightly in the beginning sheltering myself and my daughter until it became real. Love is very real and Im in its binds. “There is a lid for every pot,” I always tell everyone and you will KNOW, you will FEEL it when you find it, and it never leaves it only grows through the tough and the bad.

I want to touch on my “religious” background. I’ve been to the churches, I’ve been to many different denominations’ churches- not one have I ever felt connected with but I believe in God.¬†I am spritual¬†eventhough¬†I do not believe in the church.¬†If you feel like you want a technical term for my¬†beliefs, I am Esoteric. I am in harmony with Mother Nature, and believe our purpose as humans is to honor and take care of the place we live, the grounds we¬†walk on¬†are sacred and the Sun is our balancing being that I worship for life.¬†¬†Our human bodies are temples for our souls for our time on the Great Planet Earth, but the soul is always living and never dies. We are beings of light, light is our energy or soul. I believe if you are always down in life, you will have dark times. I believe people have manipulated our energies for a greater dark purpose and soon we will prevail and break the chains of society in which they have enslaved us. History repeats itself and Gaia is preparing herself for a cleansing of the dark energies which have inhabited and taken over- in history this is ‘the great flood’

So i feel like this have been a rambling insight to who I am, and hey you may think I make no sense but if you want it to make sense you need to look inside and find your true self…. and I will continue this on another day……


remember Knowledge is liberation