When it rains, it pours with HAARP


1/25/2012 — TORNADOES AGAIN ! Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri = moving North East – YouTube.


Good Morning friends šŸ™‚ Hope all is well. This morning I woke up to some pretty dreary weather here in Katy, and of course I get on my computer to have my D sending me this youtube video- which this time being here I want to share.

This is something we have been watching for a while now, I have read online material and published literature embellishing the subject of HAARP. If this rings a bell, you may not need to know any further; However this is my insight.

First of all, What is HAARP? High Frequency Active Auroral Research program, HAARP is a secret program that seems as if mainly UN nations are involved in for the manipulation of our weather patterns based out of Alaska. The planes that fly over and over again leaving these long chemtrails, NOT contrails, of ions sometimes in extensive patterns or crisscrossing- are the main communicating factor.

HAARP trails

So this is the idea, most all of us have seen them. In this picture the trails are dissapating, where the chemical distributes and spreads itself out eventually so thin it lingers and then falls to our Earth. It is said that these trails carry high levels of Barium, Lead, and smaller amounts of arescenic, silver, selenium, cadium, ect. We know the effects of lead from our history classes, and some of these chemicals are hard to find even in Mother Nature.

So lets get down to the knitty gritty on this, Our Earth is a subterrianal Earth made of Energy. These ions emitted by the trails communicate with each other as a big fabricated blanket of man made energy and communicate with the base in Alaska. It is respondsibile for these odddities in our weather throughtout the globe. I dont know know the reason, for only the New World Order knows what they are up to. But here are some things to think about….

If the Mayan Deadline is correct which states the Earth (Gaia) is preparing herself for another cleansing as the Dark Priesthood has taken her people and enslaved them much like the last children of Atlantis, it could be they know what is going to happen and are in the procress of creating the own energy grid in hope of ‘overriding’ Mother Nature. Stopping the passing through Ra (our sun) and converting Earth into her 4th dimensional realm.

If the New World Order is in fact, creating the perfect unified global government and know that Earth is overpopulated as it is written in plain sight on monuments like the Georgia Guildstones, some say it could be used as a mass biological effect on the populations as much think they are already doing- why LEAD?

Some say it is to taint our soils to support GMO’s, and that they already have people able to grow modified crops in this soil that forces us to buy, buy, buy, no matter what because we wouldnt be able to cultivate our own food.

There are SOO many theories, so maybe this will be your jump into doing your own research and starting your own theories. There is definately something bigger going on, I can feel it, I talk to others that can feel it as we should be able to being part of the greatest beinghood enslaved and raped of our powers, some of them still lingering in us.

There are a few guys on youtube taking these HAARP rings and actually predicting the weather to come and I personally have never seen them be wrong so if you are interested I can send their link.

Whatever is going on, the weather here sucks. It’s January and it feels like April already in my part of Texas and its not natural. In my whole life of being here and being born in January- this is definately not normal.

I feel like our Elite are very aware of Gaia’s energy and the passing to come and they want to stop it at all cost, so we wont break free from the chains of society they have created by using our own powers against us. We are greater than the dark, the light will overcome the dark when we are awakened as more and more are becoming aware everyday of the evil ruling our world. We are beings of harmony eventhough duality is engraved in us, as we have light- there is the dark and as natural beings we would turn to our light without the “media” controlling us and making whats wrong seem right.

Just remember, we chose to be here in these Great Times, and great they will be, for our purpose will be honored.
And with love I depart, maybe i will return later with another rant šŸ™‚


Remember, Knowledge is Liberation.


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