Life is your light. Your light is your soul. Your soul is your energy- as we are beings of light. But, as we are faced with many decisions throughout our evolution, even knowing that the enlightened soul will never die; there is duality engraved in us.

As you have light, everyone has dark. This is not to be perceived that the nature of beinghood is to encompass the dark- everyone true to Mother Earth has the intentional nature of the light.

Focus on your light. Create a Mantra. Focus on your Mantra truly and it will shape your future and your evolution. Personally, I don’t share my Mantra although it hides itself in plain sight 🙂

Here is some insight of the dark, or the Dark Priesthood. First of all, when the vatican of the Dark priesthood decided to take the reins and control Gaia/ Mother Natures energy, along with that came the burning of all native religions to Mother Earth- the true spiritual religions. So first they burn all the sacred knowledge of the true nature to our purpose as the enlightened souls during our Earthly times, then came the amazing birth of Jesus. I don’t want to step on toes and exclude Jesus from a possibility of being a Prophet but ultimately Prophets of Light are an Enemy to the priesthood so of course they could just be using him as a symbol along with a cross. Each Major sanction of the world has their own vatican source that will never release any useful information to their so-called people because their purpose is not our benefit; THEY DO NOT BELONG HERE. The people involved in this are part of why our history will repeat itself and the light will overcome the dark. Whether this is true to “the great flood” or the sea swallow the sky, or the passing thru Ra to the next dimension we don’t know because they will never tells us, but we can feel it. Our collective souls have chosen to be here during these great times, because we shine bright and are strong enough to overcome the battle and we know is for a greater purpose and step in our evolution.

ANYWAYS, ultimately long story kind of shortened… The Vatican has harnessed our free energy (Tesla shutdown: of course we shouldnt know energy is free to those who know how to utilize it as we are created to). Think about it, it’s really mind over matter, we are light/energy in a bodily temple if you can utilize the power and keep the true spirituality of humans to yourself, you can ultimately dismantle and rule the world. Which then leads to the CONTROL of social media, evolution of shit religions, creation of socialism (they need to know everything we are doing especially when they know the revolt is coming), enslaving laws & regulations, the robbing of paul to give to jim, the imprisonment of people using substances apparent in nature to find spirituality within themselves and then taking our money to pay for it? so then we worry how to put food on our tables? NOT TO MENTION the fabrication of shit food in combinations of chemicals and harmful metals to taint our bodies, crystallizing our throat chakra stunting our evolution to the opening of the Third Eye, or the final chakra of enlightenment.

When someone can give me the real reason why there is fluoride in our water, or better yet small dosages of ANTIDEPRESSANTS in the poor souls’ of New York’s public water system, I may then consider they aren’t completely killing the human spirit.

I’m sorry I’m not the best writer, but I want the best for our humankind and more and more are awakening everyday, it’s a glorious thing 🙂 united we will become as we are called to duty.

Remember pretty much any and everything placed in the “media” is there for a dark purpose, a deterring from the real issues. Break the bonds, become a free-thinker/spirit.

im open to ANY discussion because im short on time and feel like I cant convey my message in entirety.

remember, knowledge is liberation


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