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take 1 hr 15 minutes


its only 75 minutes of your time, of your background time, or time to absorb some insight about things the people in control DO NOT want.

<a href=”http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/DMT_The_Spirit_Molecule/70209261?trkid=2361637″&gt; Netflix Instant: DMT- The Spirit Molecule</a>


Spirituality, Free Thinking, Native Religion, Unity, Insight, Your Purpose, Love, Eternal Connections, No Fear, The Understanding of your life evolution, The meaning of your subconcious, To know you can fight for whats right and it is going to be glorified, the list of things this documentary can touch with one is mind blowing.

…and for me in came with synchronicity. As I notice everyday someone different is turning to me, or I reach someone, for/with small seeds of instinctal truth is a sign, that we are uniting in glory and becoming aware of the light.


It amazing a girl, the fiancee of my stepmother son, had posted a picture of a fantasy with a caption talking about how she whats to know what dreams are about and what they mean, why we have them and even a little recipe she found herself to mix 1 tsp nutmeg to 1 tsp sugar and take before bed to enhance dreams… I had planted some spirituality in a comment and we got to chatting. I was telling her how I believe in things that come from the Mother Earth and how I feel the soul evolves vaguely- for I dont think I can ever put in terms comprehendable to how I feel. Shortly after, D gets home from work and we decided to put something on the tv. We use Netflix and hang out in mostly tv series, and documentaries; he opens the newly added tab in documentaries and there the link above was the first thing list.


Im excited to say Joe Rogan is the host, quite seriously professional as he has insight and I actually enjoy his views. Alex Grey appears as I seen him and his life partners’ temple and cosmo amazements not too long ago and recently veiwed some LSD with his work 🙂 I felt it is reputable and it touches so much more than just DMT. It actually touches things I have felt and recognized, and saw flaw with my childhood naieveness. Its opened my eyes evenmore to what I can already feel and I feel even more liberated.


Of course, everyone has a different feel and effect with things. It just happens to line with my spirituality although I have some parts I can disagree with…


Knowledge is liberation. Embrace it!

With Light all is possible





Netflix: DMT: The Spirit Molecule.